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Carrier AR Commercial Demo

The Project

An advertisement for Carrier Air Conditioning in the form of an Augmented Reality mobile app, demonstrating the function and advantages of the Carrier Air Conditioner in three different animated scenarios. More information about the project can be found here

My Contributions
  • 3D Asset Modelling

    • Modelled the main Home asset, as well as additional props such as character clothing and furniture

  • 3D Asset Texturing

    • Textured all 3D assets

  • Character Rigging

    • Created simple rigs for all animated characters, allowing for general character animation (no facial rigging)

  • Processing Assets for Use in the Unreal Engine

    • Optimised and exported animation created in Autodesk Maya and ensured correct performance when imported into the Unreal Engine ​​

  • QA and Testing

    • Regularly tested builds on iOS and provided feedback to aid in improving the final product