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Dairylea Snackers Facebook Ad

The Project

A series of animated advertisements for Dairylea's new Snackers product. Mainly online use, particularly social media.

My Contributions
  • 3D Asset Modelling

    • Created the Dairylea Snackers package asset featured in the end card using Autodesk Maya

  • 3D Animation

    • Animated the entire of the end card (cookies falling into the packaging, the lid closing and the Dairylea Snackers moving across the frame) using Autodesk Maya

  • 3D Texturing

    • Textured the Dairylea Snackers packaging in Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop

  • Editing

    • Edited all three animated spots in Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Compositing

    • Composited text and graphics in Adobe After Effects