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'Greatest Discovery' Spot

Segment Bumper

The Project

A series of promotional spots for the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2017, consisting of short 2D animated skits, bookended by motion graphic titles. Also, a series of motion graphic segment bumpers, featuring animated characters and live-action footage.


My Contributions
  • Motion Graphics

    • All graphic animation and titles, excluding 2D character animation

  • Graphic Design

    • Graphic asset layout in spots

    • Design of bespoke frames in Segment Bumpers

  • Editing and Pre-Production

    • Established pacing of title animation in both spots and Segment bumpers

  • Project Management

    • Managing a team of 6 2D animators alongside my own creative tasks

    • Managing aspects specific to certain videos, such as ensuring the correct sponsor branding is assigned to the appropriate spot

    • Independently compositing all videos and delivering final output footage for broadcast