As Seen In...

'Defend the Meter' Advertisement

'Hair Straighteners' Advertisement

The Project

Two animated advertisements for Smart Energy, as part of their 'Let's Get Gaz and Leccy Under Control' campaign, as well as accompanying print media.

My Contributions
  • 3D Asset Modelling

    • Created numerous 3D assets for the 'Defend the Meter' advertisement, such as paint tins, clothes pegs and an ironing board, using Autodesk Maya

  • 3D Asset Texturing

    • Textured all 3D assets that I had personally created, as well as the texturing of the centerpiece cardboard fort in which Gaz and Leccy are under siege. Texturing was achieved using Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop

  • Editing

    • Managed the edit of all shots for both advertisements using Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Motion Graphics

    • Created the dial graphic animation for the Gaz and Leccy characters, as well as graphics featured on the Smart Meter device